Thursday, 12 December 2013

That was the year that was 2013

There are two weeks left of 2013, but with Christmas coming up I doubt I will finish anything else this year, so here is my sum it up post for 2013. It has been a very good costuming year for me, I have finished if not all, at least a large amount of my UFO’s and I have also finished a few other projects as well. I also got to see Sanna of Rococo Atelier again and also meet Merja of Before the Automobile and Kendra of Démodé. It was so nice to see you all!

18th century

A pair of blue stays. Started in 2009. I have yet to take proper pictures of it though.

A pink 1780’s jacket. Started around 2007

Matching green hat. Started 2012

A wild man’s suit for J. A new project for 2013, but planned for a long time

Pink stays with sleeves and petticoat. A new project for 2013 as well, though the base of the stays was an old pair that needed a new life.

A striped 1790’s linen gown. Also a new project of this year and completely unplanned

The 1940’s wardrobe project

A yellow summer ensemble consisting of a blouse, skirt and bolero, started 2011. No pictures of it yet, though.

A white shirtwaist dress Started 2011

Blouse in brown silk noil. No proper pictures here either.

General period sewing

A 17th century shirt for J. stated this year, but planned for a long time.

An embroidered Teens blouse. Started around 1998

General sewing

A checkered 30’s style skirt. Started 2012, no proper pictures

Maroon 30’s beret. Started 2012, no proper pictures

When it comes to actual single pieces finished, I have taken 18 projects to deadline. If you count ensembles, then I have finished 12. Even with the lowest number this means I have finished at least one project every month. I’m very pleased with myself!

This year I focused on my 18th century sewing, next year I will focus on my poor neglected 40’s wardrobe. I hope I will be able to finish as many projects as I did this year. I have also decided to try to participate in The Historical Sew Forthnightly  next year again. I didn’t do much this year, but now the cut off date is 1945 instead of 1938 which means I can fit my wardrobe project into it. I will also aim to make the Swedish national gown and a 1650’s outfit for J. First I will finish the 1640’s gown for me, though.


Jessica Cangiano said...

What a productive, excellent year of creating you had. Each of these projects is just as lovely as lovely can be, my wildly talented friend.

♥ Jessica

Isis said...

Jessica Cangiano: Thank you so much! :D

Jenn Walker said...

You are such an inspiration! One of my goals this year is to "build a better wardrobe" and I'm using your 1940's project as a guide.

Isis said...

Jenn Walker: Thank you! Please let me know how it went, I would love to hear about it!

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