Sunday, 4 October 2015

Coloured cap and coloured hair powder

I made a coloured 18th century cap earlier this year, but haven't got around to take photos until now. This kind of cap is called "bindmössa" in Sweden and in the 18th century it could be both soft or clued on a stiff frame. The stiff version is very common in Swedish traditional costumes today. The patterns is from Duran Textiles. The fabric is a remnant of silk brocade from the 1940's, something I found among my grandmother's sewing stuff. The pleated cotton lace is not a whole cap, but just a pieces tacked to the brim. In Sweden this is called "stycke", which means just piece. Originally two caps were worn, a white and a coloured one, but in the 18th century the under cap had been reduced to the small part that actually showed.

I also made my third tête mutton hairstyle. I've written a little about it here. This time Itried my yellow hair powder. Not for the powdering before-styling, but after to the hair was done to spruce it up. As I thought it gets more of yellow tint than blinding yellowness.

Not visible, but I also tried out my 18th century perfume, Aqua Mellis, The King's Honeywater for the first time. It has been left to mature for a year and it smells really lovely now. Very soft and you had to come very close to sense it, but lovely. A sort of spicy citrus. There is no honey in it at all.


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